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Working together to defend and protect endangered marine life in West Africa.

We're hiring

Wastcon is now recruiting for a Programs co-ordinator.

We are now seeking a programs coordinator, the suitable candidate will be based in Abidjan for an initial contract of one year, must have valid passport and be willing to travel as part of their networking requirements. Full details are available in the downloadable PDF below. Closing date for applications is 8th August 2022.

Wastcon Program Coordinator 2022.pdf

Under construction

We've started creating our website but below for now is a little about us.

WASTCON - the West African Sea Turtle Conservation Network, was founded in 2020 to promote sea turtle conservation throughout the gulf of Guinea.


The network comprises State Authorities, NGOs and CSOs who are involved in important conservation programs and initiatives whether at national, regional or local level.


We are currently in the process of gathering material for our upcoming website.


In the meantime you can follow the activities of some of our network members on our social media:


If you have any queries or would like to support us or get involved in our efforts to protect endangered marine life please reach out to us at

Stay connected     +228 90 21 49 07